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Welcome to our green kingdom! We are a team of plant enthusiasts who combined their love for exotic potted plants with the desire to share knowledge about their care. Our blog is a space where you will find not only aesthetic inspiration, but also practical advice on growing plants in your homes.

Who we are:

Botanical Enthusiasts: Our team is a group of botany enthusiasts who are absorbed in the fascinating world of exotic potted plants. Infected by greenery, we want to share with you our passion and help in developing your gardening hobby.
An Experienced Hand in the Garden: Each of us has our own experience in growing potted plants, from the most picky to the most easy to care for. Thanks to this, our advice is based on practice and personal successes and failures.
Education enthusiasts: Not only do we provide you with information about exotic plants, but we also try to educate you so that you feel confident and competent in caring for your greenery. We support you at every stage of your gardening journey.
What are we writing about:

Exotic Inspirations: We present you the latest trends in the world of potted plants, exploring the diversity of species and arrangement possibilities.
Care Tips: By sharing our experience, we offer practical advice on irrigation, lighting, watering and other aspects of plant care so that you can enjoy their health and beauty.
We Play with Nature: We want to inspire you to create a harmonious relationship with nature in your homes. With us, gardening becomes not only a duty, but a pleasure.
Join us on this green journey! Our blog team wholeheartedly shares knowledge so that you can enjoy the beauty of exotic potted plants in your homes. Discover the magical world of greenery with us and learn how to care for your plants so that they bloom to their full beauty.🪴

Contact: blog.littlejungle@gmail.com

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